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A Comprehensive Guide to the Perfect Fit Toilet for Your Bathroom Remodel

Believe it or not, picking a toilet for your bathroom remodel involves more than just grabbing the first one you see. With a ton of options out there, we at Adroit Property Solutions are here to guide you through the maze. Let’s dive into what you need to consider for your bathroom remodeling journey.

Measure Your Space

First off, measure the space where your toilet will go. This is called the ‘rough-in’ – the distance from the wall to the toilet’s bolts. Most toilets are designed for a 12-inch rough-in, but you can find 10- and 14-inch options. Stick to your current rough-in size if you’re not planning major renovations.

Picking the Right Bowl and Height

Elongated bowls are generally more comfortable, but round bowls save space and money – great for smaller bathrooms. Standard toilets are 15 inches tall, but if you’re taller or have mobility issues, consider a 17- or 19-inch one. Remember, these are less convenient for kids and shorter folks. Pro tip: Test out the toilet in the showroom. Awkward? Maybe, but it’s better than regretting your choice later.

Style Choices

You’re more than just stuck with the usual two-piece toilet. One-piece toilets look slick and are easier to clean. Or, for a bit of flair (and easier cleaning), consider a wall-mounted toilet. Just be aware these can be pricier.

Go European: Bidets

Ever thought about a bidet? They’re big in Europe and add resale value to your home. Plus, they’re great for those with mobility challenges. Many standard toilets can be fitted with bidet features too.

Water Efficiency

In the market for a new toilet? Why not go eco-friendly with a low-flush model? They’ve improved significantly, using less water without sacrificing performance. Check out independent reviews like Consumer Reports and look for rebates on high-efficiency models.

Comfort Features

Lastly, toilets have come a long way in comfort. Think heated seats, soft-closing lids, foot warmers, deodorizers, automatic flush, nightlights, and Bluetooth. Yes, smart tech has hit the toilet world! Just remember, more features mean higher costs, especially if something breaks.
So, when you’re ready for that bathroom upgrade, remember these tips. Adroit Property Solutions is here to help you make the best choice for your space, style, and comfort. Happy toilet hunting!

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