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Emerging Trend: Vibrant Contemporary Bathrooms Emerge as the New Standard

The contemporary penchant for color is rapidly transforming into the new standard, with vivid, modern bathrooms ranking among the leading trends in 2020. While the instinctive reaction might be to associate bold hues with smaller, outdated spaces, the latest color trends significantly deviate from the pastels of the 80s, the intricate wallpapers of the 90s, or the excessively utilized earth tones of recent years.

Choosing the appropriate color can be overwhelming even for the most enthusiastic color lovers, as mistakes could result in an unexpectedly dismal space. However, the following trends are timeless, ensuring that your bathroom remains appealing and appears to be updated over the years.

Here are a few approaches to introduce the top color trends of 2020 in a way that complements your space and appeals to your aesthetics:

1. Marble-effect Wallpaper


In search of an awe-inspiring feature? Opt for wallpaper that replicates the appearance of marble. If you’re hesitant about introducing color, this solution provides a neutral backdrop (such as white or gray) with a dash of color in the form of ‘marble’ veins. These veins can be in various colors, such as black, white (featuring a colorful hue, like turquoise or pink), silver, gold, gray, pink, blue, or lavender.

2. Black Highlights or Focal Elements


Contrary to expectations, black plays a crucial role in this year’s colorful, modern bathroom trends. Despite its popularity, it can appear intimidating to some. The optimal way to incorporate black is by interspersing accents or utilizing it as the dominant color for a key feature, like the bathtub, enhancing other colors, particularly metallic ones.

Ideas for black bathrooms include:

  • Black ceilings (with the rest of the bathroom in white)
  • Black light fixtures, mirrors, and vanities

Matte black paint and accessories are also trending in 2020, adding a touch of modernity to your bathroom.

3. Brass and Gold


Though some may hesitate to incorporate brass or gold fixtures, reminiscing about the flashy fixtures of the past, the options currently available are sleek and modern. If you’re aiming for a vintage ambiance, you’ll find captivating art deco-inspired gold and brass fixtures for showers, baths, and sinks.

4. Bursts of Bold Colors


Implementing color in your bathroom doesn’t necessarily result in a circus-like appearance. By introducing intermittent bursts of color, you can create a vibrant, modern bathroom space. The beauty of 2020 color schemes lies in their diversity, with designers suggesting colors that elicit specific feelings. For instance, select green for a nature-inspired wellness haven or blue hues for a serene, relaxed vibe.

5. If a Single Color Had to Be Chosen


While the color choice is entirely yours, there’s one color palette trending more than others – pink. Before dismissing this idea, consider the many pink shades available that may appeal to your preferences. Popular hues range from blush and rose gold to pinkish lavender.

To incorporate pink in your space, consider the following:

  • Painting a statement wall
  • Choosing an elegant, fun wallpaper with pink tones or accents
  • Incorporating it in countertops or vanities
  • Using pink accessories such as soap dishes or trash cans

For additional inspiration, explore pink bathroom designs on Pinterest.

6. Leverage the Organic Vibrancy of Plants


Plants can enhance your bathroom’s vibrancy, making it more inviting, luxurious, and relaxing. Orchids, which thrive in the bathroom’s humid environment, are available in various colors, from pure white to vivid purple. Other plants suitable for bathrooms include Golden pothos, Neon pothos, Spider plants, China doll plants, Grape ivy, Peperomia, and Heartleaf philodendron.


Will You Adopt These Vibrant Modern Bathroom Trends?


While incorporating these trends may seem daunting, remember that professional assistance is available. We support our clients throughout the process, from design conception to actual remodeling, simplifying the journey and instilling confidence in your choices, so you can truly adore the outcome.

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