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Learn About Touch to Open Cabinets

Blum Inc. is synonymous with innovation in the field of kitchen hardware, crafting remarkable solutions for commercial casework and kitchen cabinets. They excel in developing cutting-edge motion technologies that make the kitchen a more functional and pleasant space. Beyond their remarkable motion tech, Blum also provides homeowners with a variety of tailor-made cabinet door accessories, including lift systems, hidden hinges, runner systems, and smart storage solutions.

Let’s delve into the heart of what makes these systems so appealing.

Touch-Free Cabinet Convenience

Why opt for touch-to-open cabinets?

Since 2006, Adroidt Property Solutions has equipped its customers with the Tandum Plus Blumotion runners and drawer glides, and from 2012, began incorporating Blumotion technology into cabinet hinges as well. Designed for kitchens, bathrooms, and closet spaces, Blumotion door hinges and drawer glides marry aesthetics with silence. A door or drawer fitted with Tandum Plus Blumotion motion technology slows down as it closes, creating a safe, quiet closure. With Blumotion’s smooth operation, homeowners can eliminate the risk of finger injuries and prevent potential damage to cabinet doors and drawers.

This groundbreaking technology, initially developed for silently closing doors or drawers, is now extended to provide effortless opening.

The Servo-Drive for Aventos electronic drawer opening system was one of Blum’s initial developments in this arena. This technology enables homeowners to open their kitchen drawers with a single finger touch, making it a valuable asset for those with motor impairments or for anyone seeking a bit of extra kitchen convenience.

Simple and Fluid Opening Mechanism

Blum has now expanded the Servo-Drive for Aventos electronic opening system to upper cabinets as well, enabling effortless cabinet opening with a mere touch of a finger.

Feather-Light Design

Aventos doors are noted for their lightness. When paired with Blum’s Servo-Drive technology, the cabinets lift upwards effortlessly. A gentle tap on the door is all it takes to open it upwards, conveniently moving the door up and out of your way.

Accessibility Made Easy

A wireless switch is usually installed at the bottom of the cabinet for easy access, closing the door with a simple press. The Servo-Drive motors can be attached by hand to the Aventos lift mechanism. These motors share a transformer with Servo-Drive for drawers, simplifying the planning of a comprehensive touch-to-open kitchen.

Trusted Provider of Robust Custom Cabinets

Wondering how to achieve a handle-less opening system for your cabinets? Contemplating a push-to-open system for your space? Adroidt Property Solutions team of professionals is ready to help remodel your kitchen to meet your specific requirements. If you’d like to examine samples firsthand, arrange an appointment, and our team will gladly provide all the necessary information!

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